Composite Decking

Who wants a deck made from recycled trash bags and saw dust?

Our new composite decking, Lifetime Fiber Vinyl (5i) Decking, is made using a unique natural fiber process blended with 100% virgin vinyl. Colors will never fade since we use U.V. inhibitors and impact modifiers.

It's stronger than traditional wood and will NOT warp or cup. Unlike other composite decks, it looks like wood with 6 natural colors to choose from.

Vinyl Deck

Vinyl deck and vinyl railing provides a no-nonsense approach to reducing your long term costs and maintenance.

Maintenance, repair and replacement of decking and railing can be a major, and ongoing, expense for individual homeowners and large projects such as common interest developments, homeowners associations and commercial developments. Vinyl deck materials and vinyl railing has become an increasingly popular long-term solution to these problems over the last 15 years.

Since vinyl is U.V. protected, it never needs to be painted. The color goes all the way through your deck materials so scratches or gouges are almost invisible. Although traditional wood deck materials may initially cost less than vinyl deck materials, that advantage is soon lost because of painting, repair, maintenance and replacement. Vinyl deck materials are made of 100% virgin vinyl and will never rot, shrink or decompose like traditional wood deck materials.

Because our manufacturers offer factory backed, non-prorated (always full value) lifetime warranties (your lifetime), after installation there is little to be done except maybe rinse it off once in a while. Many associations are now able to remove deck materials as a line item on their reserve account because of the warranty.

Ranchers and homeowners across the country have been converting to vinyl deck materials for years now because of hte strength, safety, longevity and low maintenance.

Thousands of homeowners and businesses are choosing vinyl over more traditional materials for a multitude of reasons. One of the primary reasons is that unlike traditional wood deck materials that exposes your family to hazardous chemical treatments, vinyl deck materials are created in controlled factory environments using stringent saftey standards. Vinyl deck materials are non toxic and 100% recyclable.