Certagrain - 3 Rail Horse Fence - White

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Close Certagrain - 3 Rail Horse Fence - White
Certagrain - 3 Rail Horse Fence - White

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    Style: Post & Rail

    Fence Colors: Colonial White

    Fence Height: 4 1/2'

    Rails: 1-1/2" x 5-1/2" Ribbed

    Installation: Post & Rail Installation Instructions

    Price per linear foot as selected: $9.16

    Fence Height:

    Fence Color:

    Choose Number of Linear Feet or Sections:

    Vinyl fencing is sold by the linear foot. The number of feet entered will be rounded up automatically to the nearest number of sections.

    Section Width: 16 Feet

    Enter Number of Feet:
    Or Number of Sections: Calculate

    You will receive (0 feet of fencing)

    Please Note: Each section includes one post and one post cap. Complete Section includes everything you need including the galvanized steel insert for bottom rail. There are no screws, brackets, or wood inside the posts like the discount stores.

    * Our price per foot includes posts, caps, rails and all the pickets, picket caps and stainless steel fasteners (galvenized steel inserts on selected styles). When comparing prices with our competitors, be sure that ALL componenets are included.