Stone Look Fence (8' w) - EcoStone

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Close Stone Look Fence (8' w) - EcoStone
Stone Look Fence (8' w) - EcoStone

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    Style: Stonelook™ - EcoStone

    Fence Colors: Dark Brown, Brown, Beige, Grey

    Fence Height: 4' & 8'

    Section Widths: 8'

    Warranty: 25 Year Warranty

    Installation: Stonelook™ Installation

    Additional Information: ProLine vs EcoStone

    Price per linear foot as selected: $32.50

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    Vinyl fencing is sold by the linear foot. The number of feet entered will be rounded up automatically to the nearest number of sections.

    Section Width: 8 Feet

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    Please Note: Each section includes one post and one post cap. Complete Section includes everything you need including the galvanized steel insert for bottom rail. There are no screws, brackets, or wood inside the posts like the discount stores.

    Patented Construction:
    EcoStone Fence is manufactured with a proprietary blend of recycled and virgin polyethylene plastic and is reinforced with galvanized steel in every post and panel.

    Eco Friendly:
    No trees are cut down for the purpose of manufacturing our fence. EcoStone panels and posts use at least 25% recycled polyethylene.

    Superior Wind Rating:
    Certified to withstand constant hurricane force winds up to 110 mph and 130 gusts. Meets Miami Dade County, FL hurricane requirements.

    Excellent Sound Barrier:
    EcoStone blocks 98% of direct sound with an STC value of 26. Fade Resistant EcoStone contains UV-12 inhibitors for a lifetime of vibrant color.

    Maintenance Free:
    EcoStone will never need painting or staining. It will not warp, fade, crack or bow. Just install it and enjoy.

    Available Heights:
    EcoStone panels come in 3' and 6' heights by 6' width or 4' high by 8' width. Four-foot fence panels have been engineered to allow stacking to create an 8' high wall on 8' centers.