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Style: Privacy
Fence Colors: White, Almond
Fence Height: 4', 5' & 6'
Post Cap Style: External Flat
Picket Size: 5/8" x11 3/8" Tongue & Groove
Picket Spacing: N/A
Rails: 1 1/2" x 5 1/2" Deco x 94" (Ribbed)
Steel Reinforcement Rail: Bottom

Privacy Fence Installation Instructions

Available 6′ to 4′ Transition Pieces:

Lexington S Curve Privacy Fence
$496.45 – $546.51
Lexington Swoop Privacy Fence
$423.48 – $465.20

Lexington Vinyl Privacy Fencing



Price per linear foot as selected1: $19.99

*Complete Price Per Section: $159.92
(*Complete price includes posts, caps, and rails. Lock pin rings included on all Bufftech styles.)


Vinyl fencing is sold by the linear foot. The number of feet entered will be rounded up automatically to the nearest number of sections.

Section Width: 8 Feet

Enter a number into one of the fields below and SELECT CALCULATE to view. Do not hit the enter key.

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CORNER POSTS, END POSTS, EXTRA POSTS, LINE POSTS: Most all the posts are already included in the price and quote. We will personally confirm all posts needed and help you double check before we place your order

Please Note: Each section includes one post and one post cap. Complete Section includes everything you need including the galvanized steel insert for bottom rail. There are no screws, brackets, or wood inside the posts like the discount stores.

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This is by far the most popular and affordable vinyl privacy fence you’ll find anywhere and has been ever since it was introduced. It is simple, clean in appearance, easy to install, includes galvanized steel in the rails so it will never sag and is the very best price for vinyl privacy fence panels anywhere. Home Depot and Lowes and some of the other vinyl fence sites try to make it appear that theirs costs less by not including the rest pieces and parts you need but we include everything except the cement and the work to put it in your yard. You’ll probably want to bookmark this page because after you’ve done all your research this is the one you will want to come back to when it’s time to order.

Satin Smooth Texture for all fence components. No glossy glare.
Classic Curve Deco top rail
Matching Classic Curve Deco bottom rail with steel insert for additional strength.
Signature “V” Groove  Ribbed Pickets provide a solid “no see through” mid section.
All posts are “Standard Wall” thickness for a sturdy, Lifetime fence.

The Smart Choice for Value. New Lexington Vinyl Privacy Fence offers dependable performance at an economical price, with features you’d expect to find on higher-end vinyl fence products. New Lexington includes Bufftech’s signature “V” groove picket and Classic Curve rail design. The bottom rail is steel reinforced for added strength and durability. Fence Height: 4′, 5′ & 6′, Fence Colors: White, Almond

* Our price per foot includes posts, caps, rails and all the pickets, picket caps and stainless steel fasteners (galvenized steel inserts on selected styles). When comparing prices with our competitors, be sure that ALL componenets are included.


Privacy Lexington Vinyl Fence Specifications

4 feet high | 8 feet wide

5 feet high | 8 feet wide

6 feet high | 8 feet wide