Wall thickness of vinyl fence is NOT a true measure of strength or performance.

It is touted by those who would mislead in order to make a sale. A thinner vinyl fence can out perform and out last a much thicker vinyl fence depending on what it's made of. The true measure of a vinyl fence is determined by the quality of the ingredients that go into the recipe of the extrusion in the factory, it's proven performance, and who stands behind it. The most important ingredient that determines strength and performance is a group of chemicals called "impact modifiers". These are some of the most expensive ingredients in a vinyl fence and are not talked about by many vinyl fence companies. Unless you were a vinyl fence chemist, the recipe wouldn't make much sense to you and even if it did, the exact recipe is a trade secret just like coke.  So it's not about thickness, it's about proven performance.

Some vinyl fence re-sellers buy their extrusions from China and have no idea what goes into the recipe. There are also many off brand manufacturers in the United States, (around 20 right now), who come and go. Only a few are likely to be there to back up your warranty if there should ever be a problem. The Certainteed Corporation who owns Bufftech has been around for over 100 years and Bufftech has been manufacturing vinyl fence for almost 30 years now. It's all made in the U.S.A.  They have the strongest warranty in the business and stand behind ALL their fences and will be there if you should ever need them. Proven performance and reputation is the most important part of your vinyl fence.

Jim Sweet Sr.