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What’s “Green” about vinyl fence?

Well, for starters, none of our vinyl fences are made from trees. Our Bufftech Vinyl Fence, Tuff Stuff Fence and Stone Look Fence and Aluminum Fencing are all environmentally friendly.

  1. They replace the harvesting of forests and trees
  2. Our fences require no arsenic, chemicals or lead based paints to reserve them
  3. They do not leach dangerous chemicals into the soil like preserved woods
  4. They are recyclable
  5. Our fences last a lifetime without replacement so they’re an efficiently used resource
  6. Some of our fences use recycled materials that don’t go to landfills
  7. All of our fence styles are waterproof and they don’t rust or rot
  8. They don’t burn easily and many are self-extinguishing when exposed to fire
  9. Although one element of some of our manufacturing involves fossil fuels, it is not repeatedly burned to produce energy releasing carbon dioxide into our biosphere that produces global warming. They are converted once into useful serviceable products that last a lifetime

Links: – building responsibly