Winter Sale Going On Now!

Important notice: There will be a price increase on many items effective 5/1/21. Please act by Friday, May 30 on any orders in progress to lock in any prices.

Why our vinyl fences cost less than even the big chains!

It’s simple economics. We operate on thinner margins than the big chains can. Our vinyl fence products come straight from the manufacturer. The ways we’re different are:

  1. We have no inventory.
  2. We have no warehouses.
  3. We have no accounts receivable.
  4. We have no heavy equipment to maintain.
  5. We have no product loss or breakage. We ship direct from the factory to you. If the shipper damages the material, they pay for it.
  6. We have big volume discounts from our manufacturers.
  7. We ship direct from the factory to your door so it’s like JIT (Just-In-Time) and doesn’t sit around gathering dust or getting damaged.

Even the biggest chains need large margins to cover the costs of handling a large inventory. We don’t. We instead have a very limited overhead and can operate on thin margins. As an internet consumer, you pocket the difference. Isn’t the internet great?

Also, when you call us we can answer any questions you have about our vinyl fencing. If we don’t have the answer, we know where to get it.