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Winter Sale Going On Now!

Cattle Fencing

Vinyl fence and HDPE fence is being used successfully for cattle containment by some of our customers. Yes it’s true that cattle like to push nudge and shove when in confined areas but in the open pastures vinyl fence and HDPE fence are being used with good results with some modifications.

Vinyl fence by it’s very nature is an insulator so many of our customers have simply drilled holes in the posts and strung hot wire through and electrified it with a hot fencer unit operated by solar power with good results. The only consideration here is that a stainless steel type wire works best so that it doesn’t rust on the fence posts. Others have used t-posts and strung a strand or two of hot wire just inside the fence line to keep the animals off the fence. It works quite well and looks great too. It’s important to space it close enough to the vinyl fence so that animals can’t get caught between the fence lines, but is otherwise a real simple fix.

Instead of having to use a more expensive four or five rail fence some of our customers have used this hot wire concept with a two or three rail fence and saved some money.

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