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Update: as of May 25, 2022
Brookline Privacy Fence is now available but only in smooth, white, almond or clay. 4,5 and 6 ft. High. Certagrain currently NOT available but due back for July.
Tuff Stuff and Kentucky Black Rail is Now Available. Tuff Stuff Sale 3 Rail Now $13.99 per ft. 500 ft. minimum.
Most all Vinyl Orders including Lexington and Allegehney currently arriving within 2-3 weeks. All prices and ship dates subject to confirmation.

Railing Installation – Dealer

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Note: These instructions assume you are using the special post mounting hardware kits . For a less expensive alternative please read method 1 for installation on a wood deck or Method 1 and Method 2 for installation on concrete.

Find the pages you need & Click a Picture below for the printable version.
Table of Contents:
1. Before you begin-Tools Required for Installation Optional Tools – May be Helpful
2 – 4. Before you begin- Identify all the pieces needed
5 – 6. Locate and Install Post Supports
7 – 8. Post Mounting Options
9 – 11. Install Decking
12 – 13. Trim the Deck
14 – 16. Install Railing Sections
17 – 19. Install the Stair Railing
20 – 21. Install Rail Connectors and Post Caps
22 – 23. Wall or Column Mounting
24. Care and Maintenance