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The Worlds Most Beautiful Fence

OK, it may not be the most beautiful fence in the world but it has to be one of them. This fence is built with no mortar or concrete. It is perfectly positioned volcanic stone that has been picked up from the adjacent land and turned into a magnificent work of landscape art. And it is functional art as is proven by the cattle it holds securely. Standing 4 + ft. high and 4 ft. wide it runs for several miles on both sides of the road at times making for a spectacular stone fence as it winds through the county side over hill and dale. Some of the locals claim that two rather diminutive Mexican guys are responsible for much of its beauty as it is built without aid of a transit or survey equipment. It’s located near Anderson California and is still in the process of being built as can be seen in some of the pictures. Heavy equipment is used for the larger stones as the base while the smaller stones are perfectly positioned by hand to form an amazingly uniform square shape that rolls with the twists and turns of the natural terrain.

The stone is said to have once been a mountain called Mt. Tehama located close to Mt. Lassen and not far from Mt. Shasta but only a broken off mountain top remains. The rancher/s responsible for commissioning this work of art are to be thanked and praised for their on-going accomplishment.

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