Winter Sale Going On Now!

Important notice: There will be a price increase on many items effective 5/1/21. Please act by Friday, May 30 on any orders in progress to lock in any prices.
Update: as of December 2, 2022
Coming 2023 - Certagrain Fence Styles. Available right now, Sherwood and Allegheny.

Winter Sale Going On Now!

What’s the best way to find an installer for my fence?

Our customers have had excellent results by having local landscaping companies install their fence for them. There are several reasons that local landscape professionals are often a better choice than a local fence company.

  1. Local landscape professionals seldom carry fence materials os they don’t try to push you to buy their product
  2. They have a better perspective of your whole project rather than just a part of it
  3. They are qualified to help with many aspects of your project if needed rather than just one
  4. Their businesses are built on long term, on-going customer relationships rather than one time projects so you are more likely to get better long term customer care

To find a good landscape company simply go to your local yellow pages or click here for listings in your area.

Ask each company if they can install a fence for you. If they seem like a good company direct them to our website here: and invite them to visit your project and make a bid.

We’re also happy to talk with them about your project and installation ideas.

Get two or three quotes for your project and choose the one you like best. Place your order and we’ll double check everything with you to be sure you have what you need. Confirm that the order is right with your installer as well.