Spring Sale Going On Now!

Black 3 rail horse fence $12.49 per ft. Update 1/13/22: We are now accepting orders for most all Certagrain and Certablend Residential fence styles. Lead-time 3 weeks. 3 Rail Pasture Rail Horse Fence $9.99 ft. - Lexington Privacy Fence $27.37 Complete. - Allegheny Privacy Fence $59.99 per ft. COMPLETE. - Sherwood Privacy Fence $62.00 Complete.

Spring Sale Going On Now!

Important notice: There will be a price increase on many items effective 5/1/21. Please act by Friday, May 30 on any orders in progress to lock in any prices.

Big Rail Horse & Ranch Fencing

Get More For Less!

Compared to our Normal Rail Horse Fence, Big Rail is over 30% bigger and 50% stronger at less than 20% additional costs.

Our Big Rail is a good choice in hard working situations such as corrals and pens. For a BEEFIER look, big rail horse fencing is chosen by many to surround their property setting it off from the standard rail application.

Extra strength, heavy duty appearance and function make big rail a great choice for cattle and other livestock. Adding a HOT WIRE is simple. Since each post is an insulator by its very nature, all you need to do is simply drill a hole in the post and string a hot wire through it.

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