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Coming 2023 - Certagrain Fence Styles. Available right now, Sherwood and Allegheny.

Winter Sale Going On Now!

Each fence style has its own conforming gate choices. There are single walk through gates and double drive thru gates. For most styles there are pre-assembled gates in one or more common sizes that are put together at the factory ( usually the best value) and there are gate kits available that can be custom sized to fit a pre-existing opening at the job site. The largest single swing gate available in a residential style is generally 72” or 6 ft. (some styles have more limited choices) The largest Drive Thru gate is therefore 12 ft +and the smallest single gate can be made on site with the gate kit.

Gates require separate hinges and latches plus Gate Post Stiffeners for each gate. Double/Drive Thru gates usually require a drop pin kit to secure one gate to the ground so the other one can latch to it.

All Bufftech fence styles have matching gates. You can choose single walk thru or double wide drive thru gates with a choice of sizes. We will go over the choices with you when we place your order.

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Fence Colors: White
Gate Details:
  • Pre-Assembled Gates are available at 50″ Wide

Chesterfield Deco Gate



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New Pre-Assembledd Bufftech gates with concave or convex Victorian accents are now available. They can be used with all three Chesterfield styles, (plain Chesterfield, Chesterfield w/ Victorian, and Chesterfield w/ Lattice). Please note that these gates are available only in white and only for 6 ft. high Chesterfield fence styles. These gates are not available as gate kits which means only openings of 52″ can be accommodated (50″ gate width, 52″ opening).