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Black 3 rail horse fence $12.49 per ft. Update 1/13/22: We are now accepting orders for most all Certagrain and Certablend Residential fence styles. Lead-time 3 weeks. 3 Rail Pasture Rail Horse Fence $9.99 ft. - Lexington Privacy Fence $27.37 Complete. - Allegheny Privacy Fence $59.99 per ft. COMPLETE. - Sherwood Privacy Fence $62.00 Complete.

Spring Sale Going On Now!

Important notice: There will be a price increase on many items effective 5/1/21. Please act by Friday, May 30 on any orders in progress to lock in any prices.
All Bufftech fence styles have matching gates. You can choose single walk thru or double wide drive thru gates with a choice of sizes. We will go over the choices with you when we place your order.

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Product Details:

Magna Latch (27630)



For swimming and other child safety gates, most safety standards specify the following minimum height requirements above the finished ground/fixing surface:

1) Latch release knob ‘F’ at minimum 54″-59″ (1370-1500mm);

2) Fence height of between 4′ & 6′ (1200 & 1820mm)

Always confirm these and other requirements with the appropriate pool or safety authorities in your area and install this latch in accordance with the local fence/barrier codes and regulations. Also, pool gate must open outward, away from the pool, so this latch must be fitted to the outside of a pool gate. Tools: Electric and cordless drills, drill bits, Phillips No. 2 screwdriver (hand & powered types).

Note: If mounting to steel or vinyl with aluminum or steel inserts, it is advisable to pre-drill the holes to prevent screw breakage.

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