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Vinyl Fencing and Landscapes

Summer Landscape Projects with Vinyl Fence & Garden Products

When we consider landscapes, we already know how difficult it is to keep them looking beautiful over time. In many cases, we work daily on our landscapes and certainly every weekend when the weather permits. Some of us are retired and landscaping our properties has become a continuing hobby.

Although many of us love working in the yard, fence and structure maintenence may not be so enjoyable. Vinyl fencing and other vinyl products can eliminate the need for the more ‘unwanted’ tasks while providing solid, safe structures and functional purpose. We are going to look at some incredible ways to incorporate vinyl fencing and other vinyl products into your landscaping.

So, if you want a great landscape project this summer, whether you do it your self or hire a contractor, here are some great ideas we hope you will enjoy. You’ll know this is the only time you’ll install or maintain these structures. And, even better – no painting!

The Crossbuck Vinyl Fence

If you want something different than a typical fence, without the work and maintenance, that also adds charm to your landscape, the Crossbuck vinyl fence is the perfect alternative. This vinyl fence is also great for keeping the kids (or grandkids) and smaller animals in the yard. This vinyl fence looks great and lasts a lifetime. More…

Landscape with Vinyl Privacy Fence

If you need a boundary from your neighbors or you just want a nice, safe fence to add to your landscape, vinyl privacy fence now comes in so many styles and colors, you’ll have a difficult time deciding what to go with!. One is sure to spark some interesting ideas that will not only improve the look and boundary of your landscape, but also improve the value of your property! More…

Dress up Your Landscape with an Arbor

Growing up, some of our parents, friends and neighbors had those beautiful arbors that we loved to run through as kids, but many were wood and are either completely destroyed or no longer exist. Vinyl arbors took care of this problem. Now, you can add the same charm to your landscape and they won’t rot from the vines and flowers.More…

The Charming Picket Fence

Picket fences have always added the look of charm to any home and landscape. The pickets gave way to various styles and shapes to make a yard look unique and personalized. Today, there are more choices than ever in the look of vinyl picket fences, and you’ll rest assured this one will always keep its fresh look and color. More…

Gazebos for a Shaded Garden View

Gazebos are a fantastic addition to any remote garden landscape. Adding both charm and functionality, vinyl gazebo kits are easier than ever to install and come in so many attractive styles today. More…

Great Landscaping Ideas with Vinyl Fencing & Garden Products

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